What Is Variable Rate

have urged a New York federal court to exclude them from an antitrust suit accusing them of conspiring to artificially inflate the interest rates on securities known as variable-rate demand obligation.

Simply put, a variable interest rate is an interest rate that can change over time. variable interest rates are generally tied to an underlying index, such as the U.S. prime rate. A variable APR is a similar concept, although an APR can be slightly higher than an interest rate, as it includes interest and fees directly related to borrowing money.

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Variable rate preferred shares are made by banks to hedge their risks not yours. The yield to worst is actually the yield to best on these preferred stocks. A variable rate ETF is not what you think.

A variable rate is tied to another interest rate, known as an index rate, usually one that moves with the economy. The variable interest rate is a certain number of percentage points above the index rate.

Fixed vs variable mortgage in 2018: Which is better? This is because variable-rate loans have lower starting interest rates than fixed-rate loans But with variable-rate loans, everything depends on how the market changes. Pros: Variable loans can save you money with their lower interest rates. This is a great option if you plan on paying off your loan quickly. For example, if you’re borrowing a small amount, then variable rate loans can save you a lot in the short term.

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So, you’ve found a property you love, sent in your bond applications, and the banks have finally started responding with offers! But wait a moment – one of the offers has two interest rates quoted: a.

Definition of variable rate: Also called adjustable rate. The interest rate on a loan that varies over the term of the loan according to a predetermined index. Dictionary Term of the Day Articles Subjects