How Long Do Commercials Last

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How long do seeds last? Garden seeds have a shelf life, and depending on where your particular shelf is, the viability of your seeds can vary by as much as a year or two. Here’s what you need to know about storing your seeds, plus a cheat sheet on the average lifespan of common vegetable, herb, and flower seeds.

According to the Los Angeles Times, commercial breaks are 15 and 30 seconds. There are more 30-second commercial spots than 15-second commercials; however, the number of 15-second commercials is increasing.

How long does your Power Washer last ??? I’d like to know what kind of machine life you guys are getting out of your pressure washers ? and what type of units your using ? I’m a small company and tend to buy a smaller unit ( About 3000 psi ) I usually get one from my local big box hardware chain , Lowes or Home Depot .